Aquaculture Investments Improved Production in 2011

21 August 2012, at 1:00am

MEXICO - According to the CONAPESCA 2011 Aquaculture Production report, shrimp and tilapia together amounted to 180,950 tonnes, followed by oysters, carp, trout, tuna, catfish, chub and bass, among other commercial species contributing to the remaining 83,000 tonnes of domestic production.

The Federal Government has provided support for strengthening the productive and competitive sectors of aquaculture to make it more attractive to national and international markets.

The CONAPESCA invested in 2011 more than 20 million in the development of technological innovation in the fields of aquaculture and mariculture in Mexico to diversify production.

Within this activity, mariculture is certainly an important growth area for food production, because it is a medium with great potential for the production of marine and freshwater fish such as cobia, croaker, scallops, snapper, mackerel and geoduck.

Three projects also emphasise crop and snapper production for use in fattening projects in floating sea cages in Sinaloa and Baja California Sur.