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Amended Strategy in the Fight Against Salmon Virus

13 November 2012, at 12:00am

NORWAY - The Fisheries and Coastal Affairs department has established new regulations to restrict the spread and outbreak of Pancreas Disease (PD) caused by virus variant SAV2 in Mid-Norway.

The PD virus variant SAV2 is a relatively new disease to Norwegian salmon farming. This variant of PD led to large losses in other countries, including Scotland.

The Norwegian strategy for control of PD has gone on to minimise the consequences of the disease on the west coast where the disease is widely widespread, and has prevented the spread north, where fast-harvest takes place if PD is detected north of Hustadvika.

In recent times, there has been several outbreaks of the new variant of PD in the Mre and Romsdal and Sr-Trndelag regions. This has made it necessary to change the strategy for control of PD.

New regulations therefore involve monthly health checks and monitoring. High standards for health and infection hygiene to prevent the spread of PD in the area will also be applied.

These regulations are issued by the health service Minister Trond Giske, and take effect immediately.

More information on the new regulations can be found here:


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