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All-Time High Sales for Virginia's Shellfish Aquaculture

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US - Virginia's shellfish farmers sold $55.9 million in oysters and clams in 2014, an increase of 14 per cent total revenue for clam growers and 33 per cent for oyster growers, according to an annual survey of shellfish aquaculture in the state.

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Virginia has been the nationwide leader in growing hard clams, but in 2014 industry reached an all-time high of 243 million sold.

“It’s all-around good news for the industry,” said Karen Hudson, Virginia Institute of Marine Science extension affiliated with Virginia Sea Grant.

Ms Hudson went on to explain that there could be any number of driving forces behind the increase in demand. “This report provides a snap-shot of how industry is doing, and everything I’m hearing from growers is that demand is up.”

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