Albania Set to Resume Meat and Agricultural Exports to Russia

23 December 2014, at 12:00am

ALBANIA - Exports of meat and agricultural products could restart between Albania and Russia following top level talks between between Deputy Head of Rosselkhoznadzor Alexei Saurin and Secretary General of the Ministry of Agriculture Albania Vojo Brega.

The talks that were called by the Albanians were designed to resolve concerns over the supply of products from Albania that had been halted because of mass counterfeiting of biosecurity certificates.

Now, the Albanians have claimed that they have put in place measures to ensure the authenticity of the products and certificates and a dedicated team is to be estabilished to resolve any disputes.

The move to resume exports of agricultural produce will initially start with plant produce, but Albania is also gearing up to export meat and dairy products.

The Albanian minister has now invited a delegation from Rosselkhoznador to Albania to check the measures in place.

Alexei Saurin said that it was imperative to enhance the control measures on the import and export of products since the retaliatory ban on some products from the EU following the ban on products from Russia because of the stance on Ukraine and Crimea.