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Agenda Set for the 2013 BioMarine Business Convention

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CANADA - With the world's population expected to increase by over two billion by 2050, more food will be consumed in the next 50 years than in the rest of human history. Feeding the world will be one of the most important and pressing global priorities. The Green Revolution of the 20th century that transformed our ability to produce food on land will need to be matched by a modern-day Blue Revolution to increase production from the world's waters.

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The 2013 BioMarine Business Convention will be host to the most current discussions on aquaculture and blue biotechnology, including:

  • AquAdvantage Salmon, AquaBounty's fast-growing transgenic salmon;
  • the future of aquafeed now that the EU has relaxed the animal feed rule;
  • insect proteins as a viable food source; and
  • algae vegetal protein.

The US FDA is currently reviewing the AquaBounty Technologies New Animal Drug Application for a fast-growing transgenic Atlantic salmon, known as AquAdvantage Salmon, which would be the first genetically modified food animal approved for human consumption.

Ronald Stotish, CEO of AquaBounty Technologies, will participate in BioMarine and Henry Clifford, Vice President, Marketing & Sales, AquaBounty Technologies, USA, will speak about the benefits of biotechnology (primarily genetic engineering) in agriculture and aquaculture, and discuss the controversy surrounding GE plants and animals. AquaBounty Technologies is featured in the BioMarine CEO Dialogue:

International Perspectives on Marine Aquaculture is the focus of a key session of BioMarine, and will introduce the regulatory framework. Francisco Saraiva Gomes, Executive Manager of Novus Aqua, US, will moderate the panel that will include:

  • Alf Helge Aarskog, CEO, Marine Harvest ASA, Norway;
  • Max T. Holtzman, Senior Adviser to the Secretary, US. Department of Agriculture, SA;
  • Robert Orr, CEO and Managing Partner, Cuna del Mar LP., Canada;
  • Tiago Pita E Cuhna, Senior Advisor for Blue Economy to the President of Portugal;
  • Ruth Salmon, Executive Director, Canadian Aquaculture Industry Alliance, Canada.

Thad Simons, CEO of Novus International Inc., USA, says: “I look forward to discussing the social implications of aquaculture as a means to achieve food security, improved quality of life and an environmentally responsible model for agriculture.”

President of the International Food and Agribusiness Management Association (IFAMA), Mr Simons is especially interested in talent sustainability for agriculture and maintains that we have everything we need to feed the world today by placing relevant technologies in the hands of people who have been given the education to apply them. He also advocates health through nutrition, with a focus on the role of protein in delivering micronutrients. Mr Simons will speak in the Closing Plenary Session of BioMarine, which will be open to the public. Read the BioMarine CEO Dialogue with Novus at:

Francisco Saraiva Gomes, Executive Manager of Novus Aqua, USA, will discuss improvements in seafood processing techniques and a growing algal biorefinery sector as indications of potential for the development of a “next generation” of sustainable aquafeed ingredients. Mr Gomes will also discuss investment in aquaculture with proven models of risk management that can protect the long-term business sustainability of organizations who invest in aquaculture markets. BioMarine will help connect people who understand the long-term business potential of aquaculture and related markets.

Marine industrial biotechnology is a second key session of BioMarine focusing on an area that offers product development opportunities in applications ranging from food and feed ingredients, to
cosmetics and fine chemical production.

Blue Biotechnology is concerned with the application of molecular biological methods to marine and freshwater organisms. While this market is still in a nascent stage and accounts for a small but growing percentage of the overall biotechnology market, the growth of patents is rapid. BioMarine will feature a consideration of investment strategies to realize the potential of marine biotechnology.

How integrated programs capitalize on marine diversity by providing innovative, sustainable solutions to transform these resources into novel bioproducts is the focus of this session. Applications and success stories – including utilization of waste streams –will be highlighted.

Ernst Kloosterman, CEO of the Norwegian Industrial Biotechnology Network will moderate the panel that will include:

  • Jacqueline Allan, Senior Policy Analyst (Biotechnology and Nanotechnology), Directorate for Science, Technology and Industry, OECD;
  • Ilka Czech, R&D Director, SeaGarden, Norway;
  • Peter Mc Donald, Marketing Director, Scanbio, UK;
  • Mark Rottman, COO & Board Member, Bluewave Marine Ingredients, Peru; and
  • Guy Viel, Executive Director, CRBM, Canada.

In addition, Blue Biotechnology is considered as part of a new report from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, “Marine Biotechnology: Enabling Solutions for Ocean Productivity and Sustainability”, which will also be highlighted during this session.
This OECD report argues for a new global framework for the sustainable development of marine
biotechnology and identifies areas that may benefit from greater attention as governments develop
policies to support marine biotechnology. Two recurrent themes have appeared important for the
sustainable development of marine biotechnology: the need for communication among stakeholders
and the need for internationally co-ordinated action.

Finally, the BioMarine International Clusters Association (BICA), the new international association of the biomarine industry, will be launched at the 2013 BioMarine Business Convention in Halifax.

The biomarine industry is an emerging economic sector based on biotechnology and marine bioresources. This new “transversal” industry sector brings a novel approach to economic growth and a large potential for new business opportunities and jobs at the regional, national and
international levels. BICA seeks to structure and integrate the biomarine industry and foster
economic development by creating international business opportunities and partnerships.

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Participation information

While most sessions of the BioMarine Business Convention in Halifax are working sessions, the Closing Plenary on Thursday 12 September is open to the Public. This is the best way to share information and reach out to the public to prepare for the future evolution of this sector.

In 2013, BioMarine will bring together 300 CEOs and senior executives of companies working in
marine-related industries with scientists, academics and government representatives for four days of
intensive discussions on marine biotechnology, aquaculture and aquafeed, and marine natural resources. One-on-one meetings are integral to the experience and bring potential investors together with new projects and innovators.

BioMarine is open to the press. For accreditation, please fill out the form available at:

For more information, contact Barbara Erskine at: or by phone at:
+39 320 840 5805.