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A plant-based solution to shrimp health

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A plant-based water conditioner that protects shrimp larvae and post-larvae against stress and health threats is now available in Mexico and Thailand.

INVE Aquaculture’s new product, Sanocare FIT, is a phytochemical mixture that has been engineered to enhance (post)-larval robustness during culture, and to suppress Vibrio levels during transportation of post-larvae from the hatchery to the nursery or farm.

The product can be added to the culture system or to the water during shrimp transport

As health booster during the hatchery cycle, it stimulates the production of heat shock proteins in L. vannamei (post-)larvae. These proteins act as a first line of defence and constitute one of the most important survival strategies of cold-blooded animals when they are exposed to abiotic stress and pathogenic micro-organisms.

According to INVE, extensive stress tests showed considerably higher survival levels of L. vannamei post-larvae using Sanocare FIT – proof of its positive impact on shrimp health. And a number of INVE’s customers agree.

“The application of Sanocare FIT during hatchery trials at Fitmar resulted in remarkable higher survival and growth at the end of the grow-out cycle. This first experience convinces me to incorporate Sanocare FIT in Fitmar’s standard hatchery protocol,” said Fernando Marino Pinzón Miranda, from Proveedora de Larvas, in Mexico.

It can also be used to control the Vibrio load when transportating L. vannamei post-larvae from the hatchery to the grow-out unit – resulting in a 100-time lower V. parahaemolyticus count in the transport water.

“The application of Sanocare FIT during transport prevents Vibrio-induced stress in shrimp post-larvae and thus gives them the best start upon stocking in the ponds for further growth,” explains INVE’s product manager, Eddy Naessens.