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2015 a Record Year for Norwegian Seafood Exports

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NORWAY - Norway exported seafood worth NOK 7.4 billion in November. An increase of NOK 804 million or 12 per cent compared to November 2014. So far this year, seafood exports have totalled NOK 67.3 billion. An increase of NOK 4.9 billion, or 8 per cent, compared to the same period in 2014.

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”At the start of December, seafood exports for the year to date were NOK 1.5 billion under the export totals for the whole of 2014. We are expecting normal export volumes in December, so expect 2015 to be a record year for the Norwegian seafood industry. The demand for Norwegian seafood has been very strong, especially from the EU countries. Here we have attracted many new consumers in key markets such as France and Poland, which have also been the biggest buyers of Norwegian salmon so far this year,” says Marit Rein, Acting Director of Communications with the Norwegian Seafood Council.

”This year, we have also seen increases in saltfish, clipfish, fresh and frozen cod. While herring exports have shown a small decline, mackerel exports in November increased by NOK 16 million”.

Salmon prices are up

Norway exported salmon worth NOK 4.5 billion in November. An increase of NOK 662 million, or 17 per cent, compared to November 2014. Year-to-date salmon exports have totalled NOK 42.7 billion, an increase of NOK 3.2 billion, or 8 per cent, compared with the same period in 2014. The average market price for whole fresh Norwegian salmon in November was NOK 44.92 per kg compared with NOK 40.67 per kg in November 2014. France and Poland remain the biggest importers of salmon from Norway.

Trout exports totalled NOK 276 million in November. An increase of NOK 99 million, or 57 per cent from last November. So far this year, trout exports have totalled NOK 2 billion. This is a small decline of NOK 179 million, or 8 per cent, compared with the same period in 2014. The biggest buyers of Norwegian trout in November were Belarus and Japan.

Herring exports down, but an increase in mackerel exports

Herring exports fell by 4 per cent, or NOK 20 million in November to a total value of NOK 473 million. Year-to-date exports of herring have totalled NOK 2.1 billion. This represents a decline of NOK 250 million, compared to the same period in 2014. Germany and Ukraine were the biggest export markets for herring in November.

Mackerel exports increased in November by 16 million, to reach a total of NOK 612 million. So far this year, exports of mackerel are down by NOK 375 million to a year-to-date total of NOK 3.6 billion. Nigeria and China were the biggest markets for mackerel in November.
Sales of clipfish down, but salted fish exports increase

Clipfish exports were down by NOK 25 million in November, to total NOK 382 million. Year-to-date clipfish exports total NOK 3.7 billion. An increase of NOK 329 million or 10 per cent compared with the same period in 2014. Exports of salted fish, including fillets increased by NOK 11 million in November, totalling NOK 56 million. Year-to-date exports of salted fish (including fillets) were worth NOK 1.1 billion. An increase of 24 per cent or NOK 211 million.

Fresh and frozen cod exports increase

Exports of fresh cod from fisheries, including fillets, increased by NOK 2 million in November to a total export value of NOK 94 million. In November, exports of frozen cod including fillets, were up by NOK 9 million to reach a total of NOK 265 million. Most fresh cod sales were to the EU countries. Frozen cod exports were divided between 61 per cent to EU countries, and 33 per cent to the Chinese market.

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