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Zambia's Government Reorganised to Aid Fish Industry Development

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ZAMBIA - Bringing together the Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries will bring together the expertise needed to develop the aquaculture sector and to address the current fish deficit, Aquaculture Development Association of Zambia (ADAZ) chairperson Fisho Mwale has said.

The government has split the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock to become the new Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries, reported Zambia's Daily Mail.

Mr Mwale said in a recent television appearance that the fisheries sector was undermined in the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock because it was just seen as a sub-sector, yet it has huge potential to contribute to the development of the country’s economy through exports.

“We have huge expectations from the newly-created Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries. This will stimulate growth in the aquaculture sector and reduce the import of fish and become a major exporter,” he said.

He also said the separating of the Ministry of Agriculture will help in the implementation of the National Aquaculture Development Strategy and Plan for 2015-2020, to which all stakeholders contributed during its formulation.

Meanwhile, Mr Mwale said the association’s main agenda is to popularise the sector to bring in as many Zambians as possible and assist them in articulating and converting their ideas into practical solutions to help reduce the fish deficit.

He said there is a vacuum in the sector and the private sector can take advantage of the opportunities to invest.

On the outlook, Mr Mwale said in the next two to three years Zambia’s fish sector has the potential to be the most productive and competitive sector.