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Worrying Signs for New England Groundfish

US - Peter Baker, manager of the Pew Environment Groups New England Fisheries Campaign, said that the latest stock assessment of groundfish shows that current efforts to rebuild the populations are not working.

In response to the most recent stock assessment of New England groundfish (including cod, haddock and flounder) from the Third Groundfish Assessment Review Meeting, Peter Baker said:

“Groundfish stocks are managed by limiting the amount of time fishermen can spend at sea. But under this system, known as ‘days-at-sea,’ many fish populations have collapsed and local fishing communities have experienced massive revenue declines. As a result, many traditional New England fishing communities have been forced by economics out of the groundfish fishery. It’s time for a change.

“Groups of fishermen in New England, led by the Cape Cod Commercial Hook Fishermen’s Association and the Midcoast (Maine) Fishermen’s Association, have promoted a new way to manage groundfish. Known as sector management, this new system allows fishermen to create rules relevant to the specific fish they catch, but also requires them to abide by science-based annual catch limits. The new system is an improvement since it provides accountability to rebuild fish populations while allowing flexibility for fishermen.

“It’s time to end the failed ‘days-at-sea’ management system and empower fishermen to rebuild fish stocks so their businesses can be profitable once again.”

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- You can view the latest groundfish assessment by clicking here.
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