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What Will Australia's New Government Bring to the Fisheries Sector?

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ANALYSIS - As the Liberal Party takes over running the country, new Prime Minister Tony Abbott confirms his support to creating a more sustainable and competitive fisheries sector, writes Lucy Towers, TheFishSite Editor.

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In a party policy plan, Mr Abbott stated that the coalition recognises the importance of the fisheries sector to Australia's economy, and also to the health of the country through its supply of sustainable and nutritious food.

The Australian commercial fisheries sector is valued at over A$2.1 billion and so a carefully balanced approach is needed to fisheries management.

The part document stated that it believes people should be able to use the ocean and it should be supported through the commonwealth, it should not be undermined through government policies. .

The new government aims to give the fisheries sector the respect and recognition it deserves as well as working on its sustainablilty and competitiveness through a strategic plan.

The plan involves:

  • Abolish carbon tax - The carbon tax is damaging to fishing businesses as many competitor fishermen in other countries do not have to pay.
  • Marine bioregional planning process - Maximising protection while minimising social and economic impacts to fishermen.
  • Review and streamline regulations - the coalition aims to cut the cost of red tape by A$1 billion a year.
  • Developing a national aquaculture strategy - improving fish consumption alongside sustainable means of increasing fish production.

Other parts of the plan include:

  • working with indigenous communities
  • improving the link between science and fishing
  • establish a national recreational fishing council
  • conduct recreational fishing surveys every five years
  • target invasive marine species
  • commit to fighting illegal foreign fishing

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