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Volcanic Activity Prompts Fish Evacuation

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CHILE - The National Fisheries and Aquaculture (Sernapesca) is coordinating the transfer of fish from farms that could be affected by volcanic activity in the region of Araucana.

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National Director of Sernapesca, José Miguel Burgos, said that "there had been coordination with local producers in order to share and evaluate contingency plans".

Following this, Sernapesca has authorised nine movements for seven fish farms that are in the risk zone, in order to avoid the negative effects from volcanic activity.

In total, 9,162,000 salmonids that are in the freshwater stage will be moved.

Both the health and welfare of the fish and workers of the farms are in danger if the fish are not moved, said Mr Burgos.

A total of 21 fish farms could be affected by the eruption of the volcano Villarrica.