US Increases Imports of Norwegian Salmon

The Fish Site
by The Fish Site
26 April 2010, at 1:00am

US - Norway has overtaken Chile as the main supplier of US for fresh farmed salmon fillets for the second month in a row.

Chilean salmon farmers sent 70 per cent less salmon to teh US than in 2009 and Norway send nearly five times as much according to figiures from NOAA's Fisheries Statistics Division.

Chile exported 1,987,180kg of salmon in the year to February compared to 6,399,156 in the pervious year.

Norway, meanwhile, exported 2,217,156kg of salmon to teh US compared to 284,442kg in the previous year.

For salmon fillets, the US imported 4,240 tonnes from Norway as of February this year representing a 468 per cent increase compared with the 746 tonnes sent the same period of 2009. The value of the Norwegian exports of fresh farmed salmon fillets to the USA increased an impressive 563.62 per cnet from $6.1 million to $40.5 million.

The US imported 10,332 tonnes of fresh farmed salmon fillets as of February 2010 worth $101.9 million.