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US Aquaculture Valued at $1.23 billion in 2012

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US - New data from NOAA's Fisheries of the United States 2013 report states that in 2012, US aquaculture production was 594 million pounds with a value of $1.23 billion.

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This volume of production reflects a decrease from the totals of recent years, mostly reflecting a decline in domestic catfish production.

While freshwater aquaculture production has been declining, marine production has increased in both volume and value since 2007. Freshwater production is primarily composed of catfish (340 million pounds), crawfish (96 million pounds), and trout (36 million pounds).

Atlantic salmon is the leading species for marine finfish aquaculture (43 million pounds), while oysters have the highest volume (37 million pounds) for marine shellfish production.

While thriving shellfish industries can be found in all coastal regions of the United States, The Pacific Coast states produce more shellfish by volume (23.5 million pounds) and by value ($108.5 million).

In terms of global production, the US ranks fifteenth in production.

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