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US $18 Million to Build a Recirculation Hatchery

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CHILE - The salmon company controlled by the Sarquis family, Salmones Itata, would invest US$ 18 million to install and implement a recirculation hatchery in Region X, as reported by the Chilean Environmental Impacts Evaluation System.

The project considers the implementation of two modules of equal characteristics. In the first one, the company expects to produce 6.500.000 smolts of 80 gr. during the first year of operation. In the fifth year, with the implementation of the second identical module, Salmones Itata expects a maximum production of 13.020.000 smolts.

The company would build two hatcheries with the same characteristics, with a surface of 150 m2. Each hatchery will be able to have seven racks. Each rack will have 16 incubation trays. Each rack will have a capacity for 332.150 eye egg. The total capacity will be 2.325.000 eye egg by cycle.

FishFarmingXpert reports that this project is being qualified by the Chilean environmental authorities.