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Turning a profit on aquaculture waste

The Fish Site
by The Fish Site
18 October 2017, at 5:52am

A new deal which could help to create value from sludge produced by the aquaculture industry has been signed this week.

The deal involves Blue Ocean Technology and water treatment solution provider Sorbwater Technology.

© Jan Henning Legreid, CEO of Blue Ocean Technology

“The co-operation minimises emissions in water and puts a value on sludge from the aquaculture industry,” says Jan Henning Legreid, CEO of Blue Ocean Technology.

Sorbwater Technology has developed a suite of completely biodegradable solutions for industrial high-performance water treatment applications. The solutions are particularly suitable for aquaculture and oil & gas.

We are delighted to have been chosen as Blue Ocean partner. It further strengthens our position as a supplier of green technology into this segment. The deal will also help to put us on the map in the fast growing, global fish-farming and aquaculture markets,” says Sorbwater Technology CEO Svein Egil Steen.

Visualisation of set-up
Visualisation of set-up

© Blue Ocean/ Nagelld 3d

“We will provide our green flocculation chemical - Sorbfloc - and separation technology to Blue Ocean Technology, for use in the global aquaculture market,” he adds.

Aquaculture and fish farming are increasingly vital industries for Norway, indeed the world, moving forward. We are extremely happy to be working with our trusted and valued partner Sorbwater Technology in such an exciting area, bringing Norwegian innovation to these important markets,” says Jan Henning Legreid from Blue Ocean Technology.

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“Our technologies and know-how combined truly shows that green solutions can be profitable solutions. And in addition to turning waste into a resource, it enables production of bigger biomasses – as the restricting factor tends to be the waste emission quota,” he adds.