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SOLOMON ISLANDS - A new factsheet is now available that advises prospective farmers what they need to begin fish farming. Before setting up small fish ponds it is important that farmers think about how much fish they need, how they should prepare the land and how to manage the pond.

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The new factsheet produced by the CGIAR Research Programme on Aquatic Agricultural Systems shows prospective farmers what to think about in preparation of setting up a small fish pond.

Fish ponds can provide food for the family and excess for the market.

CGIAR states that before starting, think about how much fish your family needs to eat, whether you will also have extra fish to sell, where to sell your fish and whether you can sell them at a profit.

Visit other people who are farming fish and find out what they think.

In order to have the information needed to begin, the factsheet covers:

  • Making your pond
  • Preparing your pond
  • Managing your pond
  • Harvesting

To view or download the factsheet please view the Downloads section of by clicking here.

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