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ROMANIA - As a fish farmer, to wait for 17 years for a Huso female (Beluga) or 11 years for a Acipenser Gueldenstaedtii (Osetra) to offer you the treasured caviar is something close to the 'Patience of the Gods' said Daniel Tabacaru, the creator of the brand OLOOSON Caviar and the inventor of new nonpolluting technologies that offer better raising conditions for sturgeon than the natural environment which today is being destroyed by pollution.

To invest so much passion, time and money into a clean farming system and then to wake up in a market where a pasty mud tasting caviar farmed in polluted waters can take the place of fabulous Beluga ... is nonsense.

In any other field, when someone would try to sell drinks or cigarettes counterfeit under famous brands, the authorities would automatically intervene. However, this does not always happen in the caviar market.

Romania, country of the Danube’s lower basin, today develops aquaculture based on the four types of famous sturgeon, that are still living in the waters of the Danube and the Black Sea.

Mr Tabacaru began farming sturgeon over eight years ago and set up a research laboratory to study the breeding of the fish.

Nowadays, Mr Tabacaru farms the sturgeons in modern farms with a capacity of 45 tons of caviar a year.

Next year OLOOSON aims to develop 20 farms with a total capacity of over 300 tonnes in a market where the demand is for 1.200 tons and yet the market only offers 140 tonnes.

Let us not forget that the caviar’s place is not in the market for consumer goods, but in the luxury market, said Mr Tabacaru.

The lack of understanding of this market by entrepreneurs in the field of sturgeon breeding, as well as the lack of solidarity between them will not ensure a bright future for this industry.

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As you will see from the charts, luxury product features are influenced by other features. For example, product policy has a strong impact on the quality and aesthetics, while special distribution policy influences the perception of rarity, but also aesthetics and brand personality.

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