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Tests Fail to Find Dredging Link to Sick Fish

24 April 2012, at 1:00am

The State Government says its testing shows dredging is not causing sick fish in Gladstone Harbour, off central Queensland.

Aquatic medical expert Dr Matt Landos says he has evidence that dredging may be responsible for diseased fish in the harbour, reports ABCNews.

The Gladstone Ports Corporation says the 2010 floods were responsible for the outbreak of disease in fish and that sick fish were not found where dredging was being carried out.

Deputy Premier Jeff Seeney says its detailed tests cannot link dredging with the problem.

"The work that's going on in Gladstone Harbour trying to identify why there are ill effects on the fish has to continue but there's nothing in the water testing data to suggest that these are a result of the dredging," he said.

"The only parameter that's changed markedly in those water tests is the salinity level."


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