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Tassal Salmon Participates in MasterChef

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AUSTRALIA - Australian salmon producer Tassal has announced it will join MasterChef Australia 2012 as a Production Partner.

The association will see fresh Tassal salmon used during programming.

Tassal spokesperson Caroline Hounsell is confident the partnership will highlight just how easy and versatile it is to prepare and cook with salmon.

"The beauty of salmon is it is so incredibly versatile. You can buy it fresh, hot smoked, cold smoked, marinated and you can pan fry it, bake it, poach it, wok it, serve it raw the options seem endless. Coming on board with MasterChef is a great way to remind food lovers just how simple, varied and delicious salmon can be," said Ms Hounsell.

Tassal also hopes that exposure on the show will highlight the importance of sustainable seafood. To that end, Tassal has recently entered into a partnership with WWF-Australia which will help the company to continue achieve the very highest standards in sustainable aquaculture production.

"Tassal has implemented a raft of policies and procedures to improve environmental performance that ensure we are one of the most diligent and accountable operators in Australian aquaculture. Partnering with WWF on our sustainability journey will deliver even more opportunities to continue down this path," said Ms Hounsell.