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Talking Trout: Dialogue Begins in November

DENAMARK - The process of creating the world's first set of credible standards for minimising the key environmental and social impacts of the trout aquaculture industry will begin in November, when the inaugural meeting of the Trout Aquaculture Dialogue is held.

The world's leading trout farming experts and stakeholders are expected to attend the open meeting, to be held on November 19-20 in Copenhagen, Denmark, one of the top regions in the world for producing trout. According to FishUpdate, they will focus on farmed freshwater rainbow trout, which is considered a delicacy in many nations and is one of the oldest types of aquaculture in the world.

'We are confident that, by addressing sustainability, the Dialogue process will add further value to our aquaculture products,' Brian Thomsen, director of The Danish Aquaculture Organisation, told FishUpdate. 'So it is a win-win situation for everybody. We welcome this new initiative and are thrilled that it will kick off in our own backyard.'

One of the main goals of the meeting will be to identify the key environmental and social impacts related to trout farming and create the guiding principles for addressing each impact.