Swedish Baltic Cod Fisheries Start MSC Assessment

The Fish Site
by The Fish Site
6 January 2010, at 12:00am

SWEDEN - Sweden's Eastern and Western Baltic cod fisheries have started their assessment against the Marine Stewardship Council standard for sustainable and well-managed fisheries.

The Swedish fishery is the third Baltic cod fishery to enter assessment this year following the Denmark Eastern Baltic cod in August and the Germany Eastern Baltic cod which entered assessment in November.

If the fishery is successful, then Swedish Baltic cod will be eligible two bear the MSC Ecolabel once Chain of Custody trace ability has been established.

The Eastern and Western Baltic Swedish fisheries catch 8901 MT and 2714 MT respectively using mainly demersal trawl, gillnets and long lines.

The fisheries run year-round and the Swedish fishery lands its catch into the ports of Karlskrona and Simrishamn after which it is sold to the fresh market or for processing.

Yngve Björkman and Henrik Sven Berg, representing the Swedish Processing Industry and Swedish respectively Fisheries said: "This move towards MSC certification is important, timely and well founded. MSC certification will contribute to the Swedish fishing industry both domestically and on the export market."

Nicolas Guichoux, European Director of the MSC said: "I am very pleased that the Swedish Baltic cod fisheries have decided to bring these important fisheries into MSC full assessment. A lot of effort has been made to improve this fishery over the past years so stakeholders will certainly follow this assessment with great interest."

The assessment will be carried out by independent certifier Food Certification International (FCI).