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Support for Restriction on Salmon Roe Imports

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CHILE - Although some producers forecast effects in competitiveness, the local salmon industry has given its support to the restriction proposed by the Chilean Government against salmon roe imports from countries with Pancreas Disease (PD).

According to, the chairman of the Association of the Chilean Salmon Industry (SalmonChile) César Barros said that "we have been asking for an import regulation since for many years. SalmonChile went to every salmon roe export country, performed an audit and only a few [suppliers] were approved".

Cultivos Marinos Chiloe's general manager, Ricardo Purcell added that in practice this measure means that salmon eggs might not be imported from Norway or other countries that suffer from PD. "I totally agree with this [decision]. The Government must protect the sanitary status" he stated, adding that there are disease-free countries, such as Iceland.

Likewise, Salmones Friosur vice-president, Carlos Vial said that "this is a measure that the Government have considered for some time"., Although he warned that Chile will have to be wary of making wrong restrictions that could keep the industry away from genetic improvements or international research.