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Successful Production of Bio-diesel from Catfish Waste

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VIET NAM - Hiep Thanh Seafood Processing Corporation (HTFood) has successfully produced bio-diesel from catfish fat.

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Waste catfish material such as intestine, bone and fat are all used in the process of converting catfish waste material into bio-diesel, reports TheSaigonTimes.

This bio-diesel is then being used to provide power for air generator system, freezing and heating of the plant.

This is part of a project set up by the Technology Research Centre of Finland's (VTT) Enerfish programme, funded by the European Commission, in order to make use of fish processing by-products, for the export and production of biodiesel.

According to VTT, fish processing by-products (mainly fatty fish) account for 10 per cent of recovered fish weight. If there is a raw material output of 1 million tons/year, the Mekong Delta would hsve over 100,000 tons of fish fat each year.