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Strengthening Partnerships: MSC Five Year Plan

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GLOBAL - The Marine Stewardship Council, created to improve the health of the world's oceans by building markets for sustainable seafood, has released its new strategic roadmap towards that mission for the next five years.

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The plan lays out where the MSC will direct its efforts to maintain its position as the worlds most credible certification program while continuing to expand both the supply of and demand for certified-sustainable seafood worldwide.

The MSCs new strategic plan is focused on maintaining and increasing the value proposition of the MSC programme for existing certified fisheries and commercial partners who are predominantly in Europe, North America and Australia/New Zealand. The plan also outlines bold steps to expand into the next frontiers of the MSCs evolution and make the MSC accessible and desirable to fisheries and markets outside its current core regions.

This new business plan comes at an exciting and important juncture for the MSC, said Rupert Howes, MSC chief executive.

There is powerful momentum behind the sustainable seafood movement, and as market demand has grown, so too has demand for credible certification and assurance programs. This new plan will focus our efforts and resources on ensuring that the MSCs program stays credible and becomes increasingly user-friendly for all partners, at the same time as leading to an increased supply of MSC certified seafood and delivering on our mission to contribute to the health of the oceans.

The new plan is built around four key strategic priorities, which will drive specific work plans to 2017:

  • Assure the MSCs programme credibility and effectiveness
  • Cultivate and expand markets for sustainable seafood
  • Grow the supply of sustainable seafood
  • Scale and support a global enterprise