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Skretting sets sights on Central American shrimp

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Skretting is launching its feeds in Honduras and Nicaragua this week, in a bid to support the growing need for sustainable shrimp feeds in both these important aquaculture markets and throughout Central America.

Commenting on the launch, Alex Obach, Managing Director Skretting ARC, says: “The arrival of Skretting in Honduras and Nicaragua is a very important milestone for Central America’s aquaculture industry. Skretting wholeheartedly believes that given the right support and the confidence to grow, this is a region that can make an increasingly valuable contribution to the global growth of sustainable aquaculture production. Providing high-quality shrimp and fish with high-quality diets will be one of the most important contributors to this future, and this investment by Skretting demonstrates our commitment to ensuring that Honduras, Nicaragua and Central America as a whole are given the tools to fulfil their considerable potential.”

Skretting’s feeds are officially being unveiled this week at special customer events in both countries, with the brand building upon its successful launch in Ecuador and Peru in August 2016.

Since the establishment of Skretting in Ecuador and Peru, many of the region’s shrimp producers have been shown at special events and seminars that aligning the appropriate high-specification nutrition with precise feed management procedures could bring a new golden era for the region’s shrimp farming sector. Crucially, they have been learning the importance of correct feeding in the first stages of the life cycle, and how to optimise growth based on the genetics of their shrimp stocks.

The brand’s expansion into Honduras and Nicaragua will expand upon Skretting’s existing feed supply relationships with several farming operations.

Providing the platform for increased, sustainable farm production, Skretting Aquaculture Research Centre (ARC) comprises more than 120 researchers from 27 countries and has been conducting research on nutrition, aquatic animal health and farming for more than 25 years. This unique unit continues to analyse countless aspects of shrimp and fish feed management, with a strong emphasis on confirming the best nutrient composition of its feeds as well as to establish the optimal number of feed occasions. Furthermore, a large team of researchers are dedicated to continuously evaluating new functional ingredients that provide in-feed health benefits to aquaculture species. In addition to optimising functional feeds, diets are formulated for specific situations, such as infectious diseases or extreme environmental conditions.