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Shrimp Anti-Dumping Duties To Stay

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US - The US Department of Commerce has said that anti-dumping duties on shrimp from Brazil, India, China and Thailand will continue, as revocation of the anti-dumping duty orders would likely lead to continuation or recurrence of dumping.

The anti-dumping duty orders were introduced by the US back in 2005, as US producers and processors felt that shrimp from these countries was been sold at below market value. In January 2010 it was announced that the US would review the situation.

In previous years, Brazilean, Indian, Chinese and Thai exporters have all requested that the anti-dumping order be revoked. However the Department of Commerce said that it had received no response from Brazil, China and Thailand within the stipulated 30-days period (of announcing a review), India alone was the exception. The US Department determined that the Indian substantive response was not adequate since it failed to provide the volume and value of exports for certain specific time periods.

The products covered by the orders include certain frozen warmwater shrimp and prawns whether wild– caught (ocean harvested) or farm–raised (produced by aquaculture), head–on or head–off, shell–on or peeled, tail–on or tail–off,2 deveined or not deveined, cooked or raw, or otherwise processed in frozen form.