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SFF Meets EU Maritime And Fisheries Commissioner

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UK - As part of a UK fishing industry delegation, Bertie Armstrong, chief executive of the Scottish Fishermens Federation, will represent the interests of the catching sector of the Scottish industry in a meeting tomorrow (7 July) in Strasbourg with Mrs Maria Damanaki, the new EU Fisheries Commissioner

The severe challenges facing the UK-wide industry will be presented by the delegation, along with a clear statement of willingness to meet the management aims of sustainable harvesting through cooperation by the industry with fisheries scientists, governments and the Commission.

Problems caused by uncertain science and inflexible rule-application will be highlighted, as will the efforts made by industry to meet the requirements of sustainability.

Bertie Armstrong said before the meeting: “Catching opportunity for 2011, the prospects for difficult international negotiations between the EU and other countries, and CFP reform will top the agenda.

“The central message is that industry will continue to play its part – we look to the Commission to lead the way in development of regulation in the near and medium term that is properly fit for purpose. We have a wonderful natural resource to harvest and we must succeed in doing that in a sustainable way. That is entirely possible if we all work together. The new Commissioner has the opportunity of a fresh start to make that a reality.”