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Seafood Export Value Up For 2011

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NORWAY - The value of exports of Norwegian Seafood for the past year to date totalled NOK 37.9 billion. According to figures from the Norwegian Seafood Export Council (NSEC), this is an increase of NOK 759 billion on the same period in the record-breaking year of 2010.

However for September 2010, seafood export value saw a decline of NOK 595 million compared to September last year.

"The reduction in the value of the exports of Norwegian Seafood is mainly due to reduced prices for salmon, says Egil Ove Sundheim, Director of Market Information at the Norwegian Seafood Export Council.

However, we note that over-the-counter salmon prices have also fallen in a number of markets, and more salmon is ending up in consumers' trolleys."

Clipfish exports on the rise

Exports of Norwegian Clipfish were up by NOK 85 million in September to a total of NOK 460 million. For the year to date, total export of Norwegian Clipfish stand at NOK 2.6 billion, up by NOK 232 million.

Exports of Norwegian Cod increased by NOK 143 million, whilst Norwegian Saithe was up by NOK 80 million. Higher price for Norwegian Cod explains the growth, while the rise in exports of Norwegian Saithe is due to greater volumes.

Exports of salted fish decreased by NOK eight million in September, to a total of NOK 34 million. For the year to date, salted fish exports increased by NOK 123 million to a total of NOK 807 million. The growth is due to higher prices.

Continued reduction for Norwegian Salmon

In September, the total value of Norwegian Salmon exports was NOK 2.4 billion. This is a decrease of NOK 404 million compared with September last year. This year to date, the total value is at the same level as for the same period in 2010, at NOK 21.7 billion.

France is still the biggest market for Norwegian Salmon, with NOK 3.3 billion for the year to date. Russia is our next biggest market at NOK 2.1 billion.

Growth for Norwegian Herring, decline for Norwegian Mackerel

In September Norwegian Herring exports totalled NOK 174 million, up by NOK 38 million from September 2010. From year to date, Norwegian Herring exports have increased by NOK 378 million to a total of NOK 2.6 billion.

Russia was the largest market, with a value of NOK 587 million, slightly down from 2010. Germany is the second biggest market at NOK 438 million, an increase of an impressive NOK 143 million.

Exports of Norwegian Mackerel were down by NOK 343 million in September to NOK 926 million. The export value for the year to date is at the same level as 2010, at NOK 1.8 billion.

China is our biggest market of Norwegian Mackerel, with a value of NOK 443 million. Japan was the next largest market, with a value of NOK 398 million.