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Seafood Cluster Wins Award

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UK - Humber Seafood Processing Cluster has been named the Best Overall Cluster for its exceptional entrepreneurial dynamism, innovation, skills base and level of internationalisation.

Clusters are regional concentrations of related companies and organisations that compete, but also collaborate to share knowledge, increase innovation and drive growth within the sector.

The Cluster Mark was established to raise the profile of UK manufacturers involved in cluster activity and to help promote their local strengths internationally. The awards also aim to boost the reputation of the manufacturing sector as a whole and highlight its importance to the British economy.

The winners were chosen by an Independent Judging Panel, chaired by Ian Lucas and made up of representatives from industry and academia.

Humber Seafood Processing is a well-established cluster which grew out of the area’s declining fishing industry and now holds 70 per cent of UK market in its sector. It also has a strong geographical focus and makes a significant contribution to the regional economy.

The cluster’s strategic direction is steered by the board of Humber Seafood Ltd, which brings together key stakeholders from businesses, trade associations and education. As such it has developed a bespoke infrastructure to support the cluster’s activity; covering research facilities skills training and physical infrastructure. All of which ensure it can continue to expand and compete globally.

The cluster dominates the UK market and is actively looking to expand internationally. It was selected as the overall winner for its proven ability to exploit international markets when opportunities arise. The cluster also demonstrated a clear vision for the future, directed by both the needs of the cluster members and those of their customers.

Representing the judging panel, Minister for Business, Ian Lucas said: "It was not our intention to have an overall winner of this competition but the strength of support from the panel for the Humber Seafood Processing Cluster was so strong that we wanted to reflect this. So I’m very pleased to name it ‘Best in Show’ at these inaugural Cluster Mark Awards."

Minister for Yorkshire & the Humber, Rosie Winterton said: "I’m delighted that the Humber Seafood Processing Cluster has been recognised for work it is doing and the benefits it delivers - not just for the region but to the British economy as a whole. I hope this award inspires other manufacturers to collaborate and spread best practice, and to promote our local strengths on a global stage."