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Seafish Offers Value to the UK Fishing Industry

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UK - In October 2011, the four UK Fisheries Administrations launched a discussion on the future of the Sea Fish Industry Authority (Seafish), a levy funded UK-wide Non Departmental Public Body (NDPB). The overwhelming consensus from the consultation was that the seafood industry continues to need a body such as Seafish.

The discussion with the industry asked fundamental questions about Seafish’s future, purpose, strategy, funding, structure and governance. The discussion period was open from 6 October until 16 November 2011.

The report states that the industry believes there is a valuable role for an organisation like Seafish.

It is also agreed that a statutory levy to fund Seafish should continue, however a further review will be conducted into the rates of the levy in 2012.

Seafish's Board will be restructed to provide greater industry input and responsibility for Seafish's strategy.

Seafish has agreed to develop a new corporate plan by September 2012 using the new Advisory Panel structure to engage the industry.

In recognition of the clear messages about delivering value for money, but wanting an organisation that has a level of expertise that can deal with global or cross-cutting issues, and is responsive to sectoral or local issues, Ministers have agreed that Seafish should remain, for the time-being, as a UK organisation (while retaining their longer-term aspirations as outlined in the discussion document).

“This response from the four UK Fisheries Administrations outlines plans for the future of Seafish, and details the valuable feedback we have received from industry to date that have informed and shaped them. All aspects of our structure, remit and future focus have been explored, and this response reflects the dynamic and positive changes that we are to make in the coming months," said Seafish, welcoming the report.

“We are holding a further round of meetings with industry this month, at which we will outline our vision and strategy for the future in more detail. On behalf of the organisation, I would like to thank industry for their recognition of the value of Seafish, and their strong support for our continuation. We are hopeful this round of meetings will be as well-supported and attended as those in October, and look forward to building on the open, honest dialogue that has been established during this process.

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