Scottish Atlantic Salmon Production Declined in 2015

13 September 2016, at 1:00am

SCOTLAND, UK - In 2015, production of Atlantic salmon decreased by 7,300 tonnes (4.1 per cent) to 171,722 tonnes, according to the latest Scottish Fish Farm Production Survey.

Production levels remained high however, with this being the second highest level of production recorded in Scotland.

In 2015, freshwater production was undertaken by 25 businesses at 87 sites. The number of businesses operating decreased by one and the number of active sites decreased by nine from 2014.

The total number of smolts produced in 2015 decreased by 433,000 (1 per cent) to 44.6 million. The number of ova laid down to hatch decreased by 3.8 per cent to 68.2 million with the majority of these (90.2 per cent) being derived from foreign sources. In 2015, there was 95,000 ova exported.

In 2015, marine production was undertaken by 16 businesses farming 254 active sites. This is a decrease of two businesses and six active sites compared with 2014.

For 2016, the aquaculture industry has estimated an increase in the level of production with 177,857 tonnes being estimated.

For rainbow trout production tonnage increased by 46 per cent in 2015 to 8,588 tonnes. This is the highest ever level of rainbow trout production recorded in Scotland and was due to an increase in marine production (4,678 tonnes compared to 1,909 tonnes in 2014).

During 2015 there was also an increase in the production of lumpsuckers and wrasse which are used as biological controls for parasites but there was a decrease in brown trout/sea trout and halibut production.

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