Salmosan Vet Fully Licenced, Improved and Available in Norway

16 December 2014, at 12:00am

NORWAY - The Fish Vet Group is pleased to announce that Salmosan Vet is now fully licenced (MA granted) by the Norwegian Medicines Agency and available in Norway from your wholesaler.

Salmosan Vet returns to Norway with the following improvements:

  • It can now be used safely for a full one hour treatment at temperatures up to 15oC without the need for veterinary deviation from the data sheet. This has been achieved through intensive safety work on the product at increased temperatures.
  • The shelf life has been increased to 24 months demonstrating the increased stability of the product.
  • The effect against sea lice remains the same.

Salmosan is the longest running sea lice treatment in the world. Currently available in the UK, Norway, Canada (emergency registration) and Chile (Byelice), it is used throughout the global salmon industry for the control of pre-adult to adult stages of sea lice.

Salmosan Vet is recommended as part of a rotational strategy, alternating between products with different active ingredient classes to preserve the efficacy of the products. To support best-management practices and correct usage, all Salmosan Vet customers will be provided with access to Fish Vet Group’s technical support team and their global pharmacovigilance system.

Salmosan Vet is produced in the United Kingdom by Fish Vet Group, part of Benchmark Holdings plc, a company committed to progressing sustainability in global aquaculture.

Benchmark provides a comprehensive range of services extending from veterinary health management and diagnostic services through to vaccine and medicine development, manufacture and distribution.