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Salmon Prices Springing Up

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NORWAY - Salmon prices gained about 60 cents per pound last week compared with the week before.

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According to statistics from the Norwegian Seafood Federation (FHL) and the Fish Pool Monday, the average price for salmon of 4-5 kg were 27.25 per kg in week seven against a price of 26.67 dollars a week earlier.

The price is for fresh salmon of "superior" quality. They do not include exporters' margins, terminal charges, export duties and taxes.

According to the Fish Pool farmers were paid 0.5 to 1.3 per kilogram, depending on geographic location.

The prices are compiled from reports from 14 major exporters.

Salmon farmers Marine Harvest (MHG) is up 1.21 per cent to 3.17 million, Leroy Seafood (LSG) is up 4.13 per cent to 94.50 dollars, Salmar (SALM) is down 2.78 per cent to 35 million, Norway Royal Salmon is up 0.66 per cent to 7.50 million, Cermaq (CEQ) is down 0.79 per cent to 81.75 dollars and Grieg Seafood (GSF) is down 1.99 per cent to 5.64 million.