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Salmon Neighbourhoods Battle ISA in Chile

by 5m Editor
26 January 2009, at 12:00a.m.

CHILE - In a joint effort, SalmonChile and the national fisheries service Sernapesca recently defined the organizational structure of 58 "salmon neighbourhoods", intended to help both entities better control the propagation of the ISA virus and prepare the salmon industry for new production cycles in 2010.

Although production volumes planned for 2009 are nearly half of what they were prior to the ISA crisis, both the private and public sectors are working together (SalmonChile and Sernapesca respectively) to better organize the industry’s myriad of salmon farming concessions in an effort to control the virus, says FishFarmingXpert.

According to their latest news release, so far a total of 58 salmon neighbourhoods have been defined – 24 neighbourhoods in the Lakes Region and 34 in the AysÈn Region. Companies such Marine Harvest, AquaChile, Los Fiordos, Multiexport and Yadr·n played a key role in the organization of the various geographical neighbourhoods, determining common sea water production cycles and harvests for the participating companies within the neighbourhoods.

According to in last week’s meeting between SalmonChile and Sernapesca, "The idea was to get everyone within the same geographic neighbourhood to agree upon the coordination of fallow periods, to commit to a production and fallow period plan and present the plan to the authorities."

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