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Salmon Making A Comeback

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CHILE - Despite predictions that salmon production in 2010 would be half of that is was in 2008, prior to the ISA outbreak, the industry is hoping that 2010 will exceed expectations.

General manager of SalmonChile, Carlos Odebret said: "To reach pre ISA production levels, we must work together to increase our health status and change regulations.

Already companies are showing signs of recovery.

President of Intervec Pesquerea Mar de Chile, Mario Montanari said that his company planted six million smolts in 2010 and are forecasting 11,000 tonnes of production. In 2011, they are aiming for 23,000 tonnes of production and in 2016, 40,000 tonnes.

Pesquera Itata planted 7.5 million smolts in 2010, following a barren year during 2009. In the first half of 2010, they wil harvest 12,000 tonnes of salted salmon and 1,500 tonnes of trout.

Mr Odebret said that it is great to see companies contributing postively to the industry. "What we are seeing is a sign of confidence by producers, which will encourage investors, to benefit the industry."