Salmon Exports To US Increase 50 Per Cent

The Fish Site
by The Fish Site
13 April 2010, at 1:00am

SCOTLAND, UK - Scottish farmed salmon announced a record year for exports to the USA during Scotland Week (3rd 10th April). Some 24,000 tonnes of fresh salmon were exported to the USA in 2009, an increase of 50 per cent on the previous year.

Award-winning chef Tony Singh prepared a meal with Scottish farmed salmon from multi-award winning Loch Duart Ltd based in Sutherland at The Tartan Day Reception in Central Park, New York, which was attended by Tourism Minister Jim Mather MSP and prominent business leaders including Donald Trump Jr.

Scott Landsburgh, Chief Executive, Scottish Salmon Producers’ Organisation, said: “The substantial increase in exports to the USA illustrates the high overseas demand for top of the range, superior quality salmon, packed full of health enhancing Omega-3s.

“As the USA has been the main export market for Scottish farmed salmon outside Europe since 2003, we were very pleased to support organised events during Scotland Week. It has provided further impetus to the promotion of Scotland’s main food export,” he added.

Tourism Minister Jim Mather said: "Scotland is a culinary world leader with a vast range of delicious food and drink to offer. The International Culinary Tourism Association, in its first ever worldwide study, declared Scotland one of the most unique, memorable and interesting places for food and drink on the planet, and Scottish farmed salmon, as one of our major exports, makes an important contribution to this well-earned reputation. I was proud to sample Tony Singh's Loch Duart salmon dish and promote this fine ingredient during Scotland Week in the US.

"The Scottish Government is keen to do all we can through our focus on Scotland as a land of food and drink, to encourage people across the world to make authentic Scottish salmon a regular part of their diet," he added.

Tony Singh said: "I am delighted to promote Scotland’s fantastic larder in 2010, the year of food and drink. All of Scotland's produce is world class and absolutely wonderful, but my job was made a piece of cake as I was working with salmon from Loch Duart. Nothing conjures up Scotland more than a dram of whisky and some salmon, whether it be smoked or fresh, it lends its super quality to all types of preparations."

Andy Bing, Loch Duart Ltd, said: “The awareness of the Loch Duart name is higher in America than any other country in the world. We are delighted to support this initiative as it is a mecca for fans of Scotland and its wonderful food.”