SAGARPA Launches Management Plan for 12 Pelagic Species

14 November 2012, at 12:00am

MEXICO - The Secretariat of Agriculture, Livestock, Rural Development, Fisheries and Food (SAGARPA) has launched a Fishery Management Plan for the best sustainable use of 12 small pelagic species of commercial interest that occur in northwestern Mexico, including the Gulf of California.

Among the Management Plan there are species of sardine, anchovy, mackerel and charrito.

The Management Plan, published in the Official Journal of the Federation considers biological research-fishing through the National Fisheries Institute (INAPESCA), to assess the biomass of species, maintain its performance and economic value and promote economic benefits for society and ensure the quality of fishery products.

Against this background, the INAPESCA will coordinate research activities which will provide information to the National Commission of Aquaculture and Fisheries (CONAPESCA) for determining annual harvest levels.