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Rome to host marine ingredients summit

25 June 2018, at 2:53p.m.

A conference to analyse the role of marine ingredients across the aquaculture and animal feed supply chains is being organised by IFFO in Rome this October.

The 58th IFFO annual conference gives companies a unique opportunity to create new business, share best practice and gain access to the latest intelligence for the industry. It also provides a platform for the industry to communicate sustainable and responsible sourcing practices carried out across the supply chain.

Eduardo Goycoolea, IFFO President
Eduardo Goycoolea, IFFO President

IFFO’s President Eduardo Goycoolea will lead and moderate a world class panel of industry leaders to discuss the perception and future development of the marine ingredients industry.

Panellists will include:

  • Árni M. Mathiesen, Assistant Director-General, FAO Fisheries and Aquaculture Department.
  • Ole Eirik Lerøy, Chairman of the Board, Marine Harvest ASA, Norway.
  • Dr George Chamberlain, President, Global Aquaculture Alliance, USA.
  • Chris Ninnes, CEO, Aquaculture Stewardship Council, UK.
  • Jim Cannon, CEO, Sustainable Fisheries Partnership, USA.
  • Pål Korneliussen, Publisher, IntraFish Media, Norway.

“This panel will give us an opportunity to ask the tough questions that our industry needs to confront to ensure continued prosperity and stability. We will discuss and challenge the many myths linked to the fishmeal and fish oil industry, including the common misconception that levels of production have been in decline, which has not been the case for over a decade,” said Goycoolea.

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The growth story of Nireus, Greece

Like all Mediterranean producers, Nireus has a strong need to market their product as fresh, affordable and high quality fish, with traceability as an important asset. Building a stable future for the company on both technical and business knowledge, Nireus realizes that a healthy economy in aquaculture can only be built on healthy fish.

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The event, which is being sponsored by Intertek, Haarslev, Dupps, SGS, Blueline Foods, Coland and Teampower, will run from 15-17 October and registration is now open via a dedicated website.