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Researchers Working On Closed Fish Systems

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US - USDA scientists in West Virginia and Maine are working to discover the best ways to produce fish that live in cool and cold water in a closed system.

One of the systems being looked at uses as little as four percent new water each day, which means that a complete water exchange only takes place every 25 days. According to KNEB, this new recirculating systems technology has allows researchers to raise fish efficiently with a limited amount of water.

Steven Summerfelt at the Conservation Fund’s Freshwater Institute in Shepherdstown, West Virginia, believes this miserly use of water also allows recirculating fish farm systems to be located in many places where traditional aquaculture wouldn't work.

Twenty years ago, it was believed that trout couldn't thrive in a water recirculating system. In Leetown, West Virginia scientists are working with trout, a fish that needs especially pristine water in order to live and thrive. They will not eat enough feed to grow if conditions aren't right.