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Researchers Announce New Shrimp Trawling System

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MEXICO Researchers from the National Fisheries Institute (INEPESCA) and other technical and scientific institutions have joined forces in designing a more sustainable and efficient shrimping boat.

Joining together the efforts of INAPESCA, Nayarit University, the Technological Institute of Mazatlan and Pacific Fisheries, the project hopes to streamline Mexican fisheries operations.

Improvements come in the form of a new trawl design, made from lighter and stronger materials to catch up to 50 per cent more efficiently, according to recent trials.

The new design incorporates a drive system which reduces energy consumption including a new iron gate drive to open and trawl the netting. This will replace less efficient chipboard and wood that causes damage to the seabed and consumes 25-35 per cent of the towing force of the engine.

The project began in June 2012 and is expected to reach completion by the end of this year.