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Research Finds Trout an Alternative Fish for Caviar

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BRAZIL - Research by the So Paulo Agency for Agribusiness Technology (APTA) has found that trout roe provides a cheaper alternative to the high priced caviar from endangered sturgeon.

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Considered a delicacy, caviar is currently obtained from sturgeon fish roe and has high market value.

However, as the fish is endangered due to overfishing, studies around the world are looking to find alternative species to replace the sturgeon.

Research conducted by APTA has now identified rainbow trout as a possible alternative species.

Trout caviar is composed of six to eight per cent total lipids, protein of 24 to 27 per cent, and a calorie content of about 180 calories per 100 grams of eggs.

Trout caviar would also be more attractive to the consumer due to a lower price. While 100g of imported caviar ranges from R$480 to R$15,000, around 40g of trout caviar is only R$20.

"The sturgeon caviar roe is small, intensely flavoured, salty and has a marine odour whereas trout roe are larger in size and have a more delicate taste and odour," says Thais Machado Moron, researcher at APTA.