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Quota Reconciliation Simplified in the Eastern Tuna, Billfish Fishery

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AUSTRALIA - The Australian Fisheries Management Authority (AFMA) is simplifying the quota reconciliation rules in the Eastern Tuna and Billfish Fishery.

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Currently if a fisher exceeds their quota holdings for a quota species (for example, Yellowfin Tuna), they have 28 days from the date of landing to cover the excess catch with quota. Operators may still fish during the 28 days but if they go further over quota they do not have any extra time to cover this additional catch with quota. This means that if a fisher lands quota species on the 27th day they only have one day to reconcile the extra catch.

To simplify this situation, AFMA will implement a 28 day rolling reconciliation from 1 November 2012. The rolling reconciliation means that a fisher has 28 days to cover the catch from each unload. If quota is not covered within 28 days the vessel will not be able to continue to fish until quota is reconciled.

Online licensing system GOFish will be modified to display an operators quota holdings much like a bank statement. This will allow fishers to easily keep track of their catch against quota and identify when catches need to be reconciled with additional quota.

For a more information please contact Steve Auld, Manager Tropical Tuna Fisheries on 02 6225 5306 or