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Proposals to Reform Farmed and Wild Fisheries

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SCOTLAND, UK - The management of wild and farmed fisheries is set to be reformed by the Aquaculture and Fisheries (Scotland) Bill.

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The legislation proposes a number of significant changes to the management of farmed and wild fisheries. The Rural Affairs, Climate Change and Environment Committee is calling for your view on the impact of these proposals.

Convener of the Rural Affairs, Climate Change and Environment Committee Rob Gibson MSP said: The fish farming industry in Scotland is undoubtedly a key pillar of our economy, providing a much needed source of employment in some of our most rural communities, as well being one of Scotlands most valuable global food exports.

Preserving Scotlands seas and rivers is not only critical for our environment but for the communities where freshwater fishing plays a significant role. But do the measures set out in this legislation provide a balance between fresh water fishing and the fish farming industry and if so is it the right one?

In order to inform the Committees scrutiny of the general principles, the Committee is looking for your views.