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Proceedings Booklet Offers Sustainable Solutions for Bacterial Disease in Tilapia, Other Warmwater Fish

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NETHERLANDS - A proceedings booklet summarising presentations from the symposium, titled Bacterial Disease in Warmwater Fish: New Strategies for Sustainable Control, is now available in English or Portuguese from MSD Animal Health (known as Merck Animal Health in the US and Canada).

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The 44-page color booklet features scientific papers authored by:

  • Rogrio Salvador, PhD, North Paran State University, Brazil;
  • Rodrigo Zanolo, MV, MSc, MSD Animal Health, Brazil;
  • Neil Wendover, BSc, MSD Animal Health, Singapore;
  • Melba B. Reantaso, PhD, Food and Agriculture Organization, United Nations, Italy;
  • Patricia S. Gaunt, DVM, PhD, DABVT, Mississippi State University, USA;
  • Mark P. Gaikowski, MA, US Geological Survey, USA.

Worldwide, production of farmed fish has skyrocketed from less than 1 million tons per year in the early 1950s to nearly 52 million tons with a value of US $80 billion ( 61 billion) - an annual growth rate of nearly seven per cent.

Tilapia production, in particular, has markedly increased because of the fishs large size, rapid growth and palatability. Not surprisingly, greater demands on production systems have also increased the level of disease challenge. The tilapia industry must therefore find and implement new ways to minimize or control diseases and maintain efficient production.

The authors note that while bacterial disease remains a costly problem for producers of tilapia and other warmwater fish, it can be managed effectively with integrated, sustainable health programmes involving vaccination and appropriate treatment options, when necessary.

The proceedings also reports on trial data for AQUAVAC Strep Sa, a new inactivated vaccine that aids in protection against Streptococcus agalactiae infections in tilapia and other susceptible fish species. Best management practices for antimicrobial therapy with AQUAFLOR (florfenicol), a new-generation antibiotic developed specifically for use in aquaculture, are also reviewed.

The proceedings also can be downloaded at the companys website.

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