Prawn farming a burgeoning NC business

CEDAR GROVE, N.C. - Erika Harris thought she'd never see the day her parents would be selling seafood - freshwater prawns - under a tent in front of their Piedmont home in northern Orange County.</b> <br><br> "This is all new," said Harris, standing near a baby pool filled with baskets of the chilled translucent-looking crustaceans with peach tails and bright blue claws. <br><br> "This is not the farm I remember. We'd have dirty tobacco-gummy hands," said Harris, who had driven from Fayetteville with three orders to fill for her mother, Geraldine Thompson. "Prawn, shrimp, seafood - not where I expected for this to go." <br><br> Thompson and her husband, Joe Thompson, operate one of six new prawn farms in North Carolina this year. <br><br> The Malaysian prawns, closer cousins to lobster than shrimp, are a tropical crustacean that can be raised in N.C. ponds from June to late September, when they've grown to about 9 inches long. <br><br> <i>Source: Myrtle Beach Sun News</i>

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