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Only Two Weeks Remaining to Enter Aquaculture Feed Competition

14 April 2016, at 1:00am

GLOBAL - There are just over two weeks remaining to enter the F3 (Fish-Free Feed) Challenge.

The challenge is for an aquafeed manufacturer to either:

  • produce and sell the most seafood-free aquaculture feed, i.e. feed that is free of fishery products or by-products, using innovative formulations of proteins and lipids before the challenge end date, September 15, 2017,


  • be the first to reach 100,000 metric tons (mT) of qualifying feed sales. Channel partners to feed manufacturers, including ingredient suppliers and aquaculture farms, must partner with a feed manufacturer to register and together would represent the qualifying feed sales of the feed manufacturer.

Please note that you do not need to be selling 100,000 mT of seafood-free feed as of today to participate; 100,000 mT is only the sales target at which the prize will be awarded if reached
prior to the challenge end date.

The challenge is limited to aquafeed companies world-wide. To register for the challenge as an innovator, please visit the challenge website.

The last date for registration is April 30, 2016. No entry fee is required.

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The growth story of Nireus, Greece

Like all Mediterranean producers, Nireus has a strong need to market their product as fresh, affordable and high quality fish, with traceability as an important asset. Building a stable future for the company on both technical and business knowledge, Nireus realizes that a healthy economy in aquaculture can only be built on healthy fish.

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