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Only Small Increase in Peruvian Exports Expected

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PERU - The Exporters Association (ADEX) anticipates that the country's traditional fishing exports will recover next year, in spite of the international financial crisis.

According to the president of the Fisheries and Aquaculture Committee of ADEX, Humberto Speziani, 2010 will close with sales totalling US$ 1.882 billion, which is five per cent higher than this year.

FIS reports that in 2008, seafood exports totalled US$2.424 million in revenue, of which US$1.797 billion corresponded to traditional exports and US$626 million to non-traditional ones.

Seafood exports this year are expected to reach levels similar to those of 2008.

“We did not feel the effects of the crisis in traditional fishing but rather in non-traditional, which experienced a downturn in demand from Europe. Nevertheless, over the last few months it is recovering thanks to the strengthening of the euro and major purchases from Europe,” Mr Speziani explained.

He added that the non-traditional sector is leveraging its potential through new species like tilapia, barred sorubim and sole, among others. These resources are likely to conquer new markets and, in so doing, spur seafood exports to increase.