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Oman Outlines RO706 million for Aquaculture Development Projects

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OMAN - Oman is steadily making progress to achieve high fish productivity through large scale aquaculture projects with the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries (MoAF) considering projects worth RO706 million, capable of producing 236,000 tonnes of fish annually.

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The ministry stated that currently there are around 13 tilapia aquaculture farms in different areas, reports MuscatDaily.

“This has helped increase of tilapia production from five tonnes in 2014 to 20 tonnes in 2015, while the production this year reached 30 tonnes,” the ministry stated.

The ministry added that it has given initial approvals to eight tilapia aquaculture projects. As for commercial fish farming for different fish types, the ministry is studying 40 proposals worth RO706 million.

“These farms are expected to produce around 236,000 tonnes of fish with a value of RO613 million, and will help with job opportunities for Omanis,” the ministry said.

The Aquaculture Committee at MoAF met recently for the third time this year under the chairmanship of H E Dr Fuad bin Jaffar bin Mohammed al Sajwani, Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries. The meeting was attended by a number of committee members from the ministry, in addition to members from ministries of Environment and Climate Affairs, Housing, Finance and Transport and Communications.

During the meeting, the members discussed a number of issues that relate to the importance of developing and improving fish farming sector in Oman. They also discussed the current situation of the commercial fish farming requests and the importance of overcoming challenges that face these projects.