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OLVEA Fish Oils Continue to Come from Well Managed Fisheries

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MOROCCO - OLVEA Fish Oils has again confirmed its compliance to the Friend of the Sea criteria for sustainable fisheries, following a renewal audit in October 2014. OLVEA Fish Oils has been certified with Friend of the Sea since 2011.

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OLVEA Fish Oils is a leading bulk supplier of Sardines Omega-3 fish oils coming from the Central Eastern Atlantic Ocean fishing zone (FAO area 34).

The fish is caught by Friend of the Sea approved selective Moroccan purse seiners, with no impact to the seabed. The target stock is neither overfished nor overexploited.

OLVEA Fish Oils has a strong and rigorous sustainability management policy in place. The Friend of the Sea certification is part of OLVEA Fish Oils’ commitment to sustainable fishing:

  • To source its fish oils in geographical fishing areas where fish stocks have been monitored and assessed by the FAO and local oceanographic research institutes as not presenting any risk of collapsing,
  • To guarantee that the fish species used in the production of its Omega-3 oils are not on the IUCN red list of threatened species, nor on the appendices I to III of the CITES Convention,
  • To support the artisanal fishing through its supplies,
  • To follow the FAO code of conduct for responsible fishing and fish farming, and provide to its eco-responsible customers fish oils exclusively processed from by-products.

OLVEA Fish Oils’ supply chain is closely monitored from the purchase order to the final destination.