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Okisollo & Hoskyn Channel Salmon Farm Updates

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CANADA - Salmon farmers operating in Okisollo and Hoskyn channels are beginning their monthly updates about farm activity in the area for 2012.

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One month into the New Year, five of the nine farm sites in the channels are operating, with a sixth currently being stocked.

Last year, the BC Salmon Farmers Association and its members updated the public about operations and sea lice counts on a site-by-site basis from January to the end of summer (the wild salmon migration period). Today's release marks the first update for the same reporting period this year.

Okisollo Channel is located just north of Campbell River and is home to five farms: two of Marine Harvest Canada's, two of Mainstream Canada's and one operated by Grieg Seafood. Hoskyn Channel, on the east side of Quadra Island has four Marine Harvest Canada sites - one of which is sublet by Grieg Seafood.

Currently in operation are Cyrus Rocks (Marine Harvest Canada), Venture Point and Brent Island (Mainstream Canada) and Barnes Bay and Conville Bay (Grieg Seafood). Another Marine Harvest Canada site - Okisollo - is currently being restocked.

That means in total there are five farms in operation with another coming online shortly. Below are the most current sea lice counts for each of the operating farm.

The three companies in the area share information with one another about their operations. This co-operation ensures the success of all our farms and the protection of the environment we work in.

These farms are well managed and highly regulated to ensure that wild stocks migrating past these sites are protected, no matter how many of the sites are operating at any given time. Sea lice numbers are monitored regularly and show levels below the threshold levels for treatment as required by regulation (see table above).